Coming August 21, 2018

All Dressed in White

Book 2 of the Brides of Belgravia

New friends and old favorites make appearances in this spinoff of the Bachelor Lords trilogy.

When an act of quiet violence leaves country beauty Tessa St. Croix pregnant and abandoned, she fears disinheritance from her wealthy parents. To the rescue comes the self-made man of Joseph Chance, a shipping merchant in the market for a society wife. If Tessa can charm Mr. Chance into marrying her, the baby may be passed off as his own and Tessa can forget her disgrace and that terrible night. It’s a perfect plan until Tessa finds herself falling in love with the smart, handsome Joseph Chance and consumed with guilt about her lie of omission. She manages the wedding ceremony but cannot go through with their wedding night without a confession.

Joseph Chance thought he’d met the perfect girl from the perfect family and was destined, finally, for a perfect life—until his new wife informs him that she is carrying another man’s child. Devastated and betrayed, Joseph rejects everything he thought he knew about the new Mrs. Chance. Her weeks of affection and devotion now seem calculating and disingenuous, and her professed love was clearly a lie. He’s too much of a gentleman to divorce her, but he stashes her with her friends in a townhome in Belgravia and leaves the country, nursing his feelings of betrayal.

When a shipping deal goes bad on his first return trip to London, Joseph Chance is forced to seek out his estranged wife and the baby who now bears his name. To his surprise, Tessa is nothing like the conniving strategist he had painted in his memory. Again and again, he finds himself cautiously returning to Belgravia to unravel the mystery of the stranger who is also his wife. Can he tell the difference between curiosity and unexpected desire?

Tessa, meanwhile, has been strengthened by motherhood and life in London. But is it strength enough to forgive Joseph’s bitterness and melt his cautious, guarded heart?

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August 21, 2018