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Read a Slice of A Duchess By Midnight

June 30, 2022

I love giving sneak peeks to my  upcoming books, and A Duchess by Midnight is no exception. We’re a month away from publication day, which seems like the perfect time to share the first two chapters.

This free preview introduces Miss Drewsmina “Drew” Trelayne and Ian Clayblack, the Duke of Lachlan. Miss Trelayne aspires to open her own finishing school and Lachlan is in need of a stylist for his two long-lost nieces. While the effort to polish the twin girls becomes a family affair; the attraction between the duke and Miss Trelyane heats up in private. When the entire household stumbles upon Lachlan and Miss Trelyane in a passionate embrace, the duke is given no choice but to marry her. But can a marriage made in haste be love’s saving grace?

A Duchess by Midnight is the third book in my “Awakened by a Kiss” series, which follows up on sideline characters from fairy tales. In this book, Cinderella’s (former) wicked stepsister finally has her own happily-ever-after.

The book drops Tuesday, July 26 in print, digital, and audio and you can pre-order from your favorite eRetailer now or request a signed copy from my favorite indie bookstore, Old Town Books in Alexandria, Virginia.


Cover Reveal: A Duchess by Midnight

January 31, 2022

It gives me such great pleasure to reveal the cover to my upcoming book, A Duchess by Midnight, out Tuesday, July 26th.

This is the third and final book in my Awakened by a Kiss sereis, which gives the happily-ever-after treatment to overlooked sideline characters from fairytales. A Duchess by Midnight catches up with a stepsister from Cinderella, pairing Finishing School instructor, Miss Drewsmina Trelayne, with Ian Clayblack, the Duke of Lachlan, and his wayward nieces.

The lush and colorful cover captures the vivacity, whimsy, and heat of this book, and I couldn’t be more pleased to book-end the trilogy with these beautiful models and radiant art.

Although this book won’t drop until summer, pre-order links are up now. Watch this space for an excerpt coming soon. In the meantime, you can read the back-cover copy alongside the cover art.