My Favorite Type of Hero

Bryson Courtland, Viscount Rainsleigh (of The Virgin and the Viscount), is my favorite kind of hero, a hard-assed, serious, goal-oriented leader, with confidence and command, but also chinks in his armor and a gap in his life. He is silently begging to be tormented and tempted and undone by an irreverent woman who holds his tortured heart in her hands.

The prologue of this book, which describes Rainsleigh’s wretched boyhood, the neglect of his parents, his stewardship to his brother, and his tireless work is some of my favorite writing I’ve ever done. Rainsleigh was fully formed in my mind by the time I finished this prologue.

I relished the opportunity to go back and glimpse Rainsleigh as a teenager in the brothel flashback.

For a visual image when I crafted Rainsleigh, I thought of singer Sam Hunt.


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