Miss Breedlowe’s Sideline Romance (on the Cutting-Room Floor)

As first written, ten years before it ever saw the light of day, The Virgin and the Viscount contained a secondary romance between Rainsleigh’s brother Beau and a sideline character named Justice Monroe. When I folded V&V into the Bachelor Lords universe, this subplot was cut for length and focus.

Justice was initially Elisabeth’s sidekick and confidant, a former prostitute who scaled the side of Denby House to reach Elisabeth’s bedroom and scheme brothel raids. When Justice was cut, much of her function was given to Jon Stoker. And Stoker, you will see, is still scaling walls some fifteen years later in his own book, You May Kiss the Duke.

Beau was too delicious to cut and is largely unchanged from his first appearance in the original draft of V&V to his own book, One for the Rogue.


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