How do you spend your time when you’re not writing?

I look after my kids, my husband, and my two dogs. This takes up nearly all of my time.

My home state of Texas is my touchstone, and I visit Texas and the Texans that I hold dear very often.

In my free time, I devour other books. General fiction, non-fiction, literature, and of course—romance.

I try to go to the movies once a week.

I spend a ridiculously essential part of my day exchanging texts with my best friend.

Truly, at this point in my life, on the very rare occasion that I have absolutely nothing to do, my favorite thing is to cruise the aisles of a discount shopping retailer such as TJMaxx or Marshall’s and find a red-tag steal. I once bought a perfect-fit business suit at Ross for $4.99 (yellow tag), and I’ve made it my personal mission to beat that price on an equally beloved garment. Still looking.

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