Why are Your Heroes So Bitter and Glowery?

Because they need the love of a good woman, dontcha know?!

I do love an asshole hero—what can I say, I cut my teeth on the likes of Han Solo, Captain Von Trapp, Jack Colton from Romancing the Stone and the OG asshole hero, Mr. Darcy. I think the lure of these guys is, the bigger they are (read: the jerkier), the harder they fall. And what a conquest. When they capitulate into what I like to call “acting right,” they are entirely devoted to the heroine who saved them and in love for life.

I should add here that I could never (and no woman should ever) tolerate jerk male behavior in real life. Jerks in real life tend to remain jerks, they never capitulate, and are in love only with themselves. But it’s fantasy of the thing….

Joseph Chance from All Dressed in White is my one, non-jerk hero—a total sweetheart except for one, tiny argument scene (that I had to fight my editor to keep—but oh what a great scene!).

My current editor helps me keep a handle on the jerkiness of my heroes (aka, we compromise).

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