After the Bachelor Lords Comes…The Brides of Belgravia!

April 13, 2017

I am delighted to announce my next trilogy from Avon-Impulse, which launches with Book I (as yet untitled) in October 2017.

The Brides of Belgravia series features three friends from Surrey with three urgent problems. For different reasons, each young woman needs to leave the countryside and build a new life in London. But proper young ladies from fine families dare not move to to the city and set up house all alone, oh no.

Married women however, can do much of what they please. Especially married women with absent husbands….

The friends contrive to arrange their own marriages of convenience to “gentleman sailors.” They place an advertisement on the docks in London offering their hefty dowries in trade for the necessary “Mrs.” before their married sur names. Now the women can do as they please, while the men sail away with heavy purses and no obligations.

They are the Brides of Belgravia, and the fun begins when one by one, the absentee husbands sail back into port to claim the wives they so hastily married.

Visit my coming-soon page to learn more about the series and stay tuned for updates on book titles, covers, excerpts, and pre-order links.




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