Cover Reveal for The Prince’s Bride

January 23, 2024

I’m delighted to share the gorgeous cover of my new book, The Prince’s Bride, which drops Tuesday, May 21.

This is the second book in my Hidden Royals series, about exiled royalty hiding inside England after fleeing turmoil in their home country as children.

The Prince’s Bride follows Lady Marianne Daventry as she searches for the long-lost prince to whom she was betrothed as a baby. If she doesn’t find him, she’ll be forced to marry his abusive successor. The missing prince, Gabriel d’Orleans, is alive and well but living like a recluse in a forest cave. He’s become a rugged Horse Whisperer and has no wish to be found. Gabriel’s journey to re-enter society with Lady Marianne is their path to love.

The tropes here are, “Raised by Wolves,” an Arranged Marriage/Marriage-of-Convenience combo, with a little Green Card and The Lion King thrown in….

Pre-order links are up for this wild, funny, sexy book. Watch this space for an excerpt coming soon….


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