‘Say Yes’ to My New Series this July!

February 13, 2023

I’m thrilled to announce my new trilogy, Hidden Royals, from Avon Books. The series will launch in July 2023 with the first book, Say Yes to the Princess.

Hidden Royals follows a European family who flees chaos in their home country and exiles in England. The children—two princesses and a prince—are separated, hunted, and hidden, and they grow up partly British and secretly royal.

Book One follows the oldest sister, Princess Elise d’Orleans, who is granted sanctuary by the British royal family inside St. James’s Palace. She’s the ideal houseguest until…she makes a chance sighting of her long, lost brother. When she mounts up a search to find him, her welcome with the British royal family wears thin. St. James’s Palace agreed to harbor the girl, not answer probing questions or ruffle diplomatic feathers. To subdue the meddlesome princess, the palace hires Mr. Killian Crewes—their cynical, world-weary “Royal Fixer.”

Elise is too high-ranking to be told what to do, so Mr. Crewes is tasked with seducing the princess until she’s so infatuated, she loses interest in her meddling. Imagine Killian’s shock when he finds himself dazzled by the lonely, innocent princess instead.

This is a funny, spirited royal romp, steeped in the trope of fake seduction. There’s also an overturned carriage, a burning house, and a Grand Gesture. I’m delighted to launch this series with Killian’s and Elise’s journey…as well as teeing up Book Two, which will be the story of Elise’s missing brother, Prince Gabriel d’Orleans.

Pe-order links are available now for Say Yes to the Princess; and the book comes out in paperback, ebook, and audiobook on July 11, 2032.



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