~ Awakened by a Kiss Series ~

Sometimes happily ever after comes twice upon a time.

The Awakened by a Kiss Series

Inspired by sidekicks, secondary players, and the supporting cast of fairy tales, these three books revisit beloved fairy-tale stories and discover the as-yet unimagined love stories of the huntsman from Snow White (book 1); Miss Isobel Tinker, also known as Tinker Bell (book 2); and a formerly nasty stepsister, now much transformed, from Cinderella (book 3).

The trilogy kicks off with A Duchess A Day, which gives the happily-ever-after treatment to the Huntsman from Snow White. After that, When You Wish Upon a Duke tells the story of Miss Isobel Tinker (Tinkerbell!) Finally, A Duchess By Midnight finds Drewsilla Tremayne, the formerly wicked stepsister from Cinderella, in her own book.

I have invoked themes, symbols, and plenty of Easter eggs from popular fairy tales to nudge these sideline characters into the spotlight of their own stories. Add the swashbuckle and pageantry of Regency England and a duke or two, and we have the start of a light, dreamy, hilarious new series.

Join me on a journey to a Regency England that is rife with fairy tale characters we know—but may not yet love—and all the adventure and enchantment of a fairy tale….