How I Named the Bachelor Lords Series

When I was negotiating the contract for The Earl Next Door, I pitched two other books that would tie together to become the Bachelor Lords of London trilogy. I used the through-line of bachelors all living on the same street in London and pitched an old manuscript—literally a book that had been sitting under my bed for the last five years—as a potential second book, The Virgin and the Viscount. Book 3, One for the Rouge, was made up on the spot. It all happened on a call with my editor as I spun the trilogy out of thin air.

The Virgin and the Viscount required a few plot and setting changes and some new characters to connect, but I have loved the way the all three books fit together in the end. The uniting element of the London Street (Henrietta Place) certainly links the books technically, but the heart of the connection in my mind are the characters of Lady Frinfrock and Jocelyn Breedlowe.


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