~ Bachelor Lords of London ~

Three men, two titles, one quiet street. Will London ever be the same?

The Bachelor Lords of London

THE EXILE: Lord Trevor, newly returned from parts unknown. Back in London to claim an earldom and disappear again.

THE PARAGON: Lord Bryson, disgraced viscount, rebuilding his life. In search of a viscountess, discreet and pure, a model of propriety. A proper, perfect wife.

THE SCOUNDREL: Lord Beau, a naval officer and rakish second son. His brother’s title has landed in his lap, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove he’s unfit to be a titled lord.

The Bachelor Lords trilogy was born on a street in London called Henrietta Place.

It’s a real-life street, four-blocks long, between Marylebone Lane and Cavendish Square in London, and I walked it many times when I was a young newlywed, living abroad for the first time.

Like so many London streets, Henrietta Place has now been given over to modern buildings, but a few hallmarks of 19th-century residential London still remain. Leafy Plane trees. The square at the end of the block. Even a townhome mansion or two. But what really captured my imagination was the name.

Henrietta Place.

It was just so… English.

One by one, these bachelors find themselves among the stately townhome mansions of Henrietta Place. One by one, they meet the friends and enemies who stand in the way of their best-laid plans. In Henrietta Place, they soon find, no one stays a bachelor for long…

I knew the first time I discovered Henrietta Place that eventually I would write the stories of the 19th-century inhabitants who lived there in my mind.

And so began the opening line of The Earl Next Door: “Nothing of record ever happened in Henrietta Place….” The perfect springboard for three books of recordable things to happen up and down the street.

Enter the bachelor lords of London: Two brothers and a friend who relocate to London and settle, for one reason or another, in Henrietta Place. They each live on the street long enough to meet the colorful neighbors, refurbish or deface the property (depending on the lord), and unwittingly discover their own, happily-ever-afters.

I hope you enjoy spending time on Henrietta Place as much as I enjoyed bringing the street and the bachelor lords to life.

THE EXPAT: American heiress Piety Grey, new to London and there to stay. On the run from greedy relatives who will only cease and desist if she is off the marriage mart. Suddenly, she needs a husband—even a false one—and fast.

THE PAST: Lady Elisabeth Hamilton-Baythes, devoted to rescuing young girls from the mean streets of London and not interested in being anyone’s wife. Except, perhaps, for one man—her own savior from years ago—who she’ll never meet again. Well, you know what they say about never.

THE LADY: Lady Emmaline Crumbley, a young window who owes a deep debt. In payment, she agrees to transform an unwilling scoundrel into a proper gentleman.

Charis is frequently asked this question about The Bachelor Lords of London:

Do you already have a favorite character from the series?

It’s clichéd, but I have grown to love so many of the characters who populate the Bachelor Lords. If I had to select one, I’d say Lady Frances Stroud, the Marchioness Frinfrock, the eighty-year-old busybody who presides over Henrietta Place with her nosey intrusions, painfully honest remarks, and when you least expect it, her compassion. She was a hoot to bring to life.