Will Miss Breedlowe Ever Get Her Own Book?

The character about whom I receive the most reader mail, and who will (I promise!) receive her own book or novella eventually, is Jocelyn Breedlowe from The Earl Next Door and the other two Bachelor Lords of London books.

Miss Breedlowe is unlike most of the female protagonists that I write because she is calm, quiet, reserved, and sometimes uncertain. She is a watchful and cautious and prefers to remain in the background. She is not rich. She is not colorful and spirited. Her journey to self advocation is just that—a journey. I think her reservations and cautiousness resonate with many women and perhaps that is why we want her book so much. Well, that and no one likes a dangling heroine with no HEA! (Especially not me!)

It has always been my plan to give Jocelyn the nice-girls-finish-first HEA for the ages, one that blows us all away.

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