~ Brides of Belgravia Series ~

Three women and their outrageous plan. Three men and the fates of fortune. One address in Belgravia.

The Brides of Belgravia Series

The Brides of Belgravia series is a spinoff of my 2016 Bachelor Lords trilogy. Two secondary characters, Joseph Chance and Jon Stoker, now all grown up, take center stage.

You’ll remember Joseph as the serving boy/honorary kid brother of Lord Faldondale in The Earl Next Door. Stoker was a street-rat-turned-brothel-raider in The Virgin and the Viscount. In One for the Rogue, these two boys worked with Viscount Rainsleigh to locate the heroine’s lost brother.

After the Bachelor Lords’ final HEA, Joseph and Stoker were taken under the wings of the lead couples, removed from their hard-scrabble lives, and properly educated in university. Joining them (and launching the series) is a third hero, Lord Brent Caulder, the Earl of Cassin, an old friend from school.

Twenty years on, these men are successful merchants with a ship of their own and a risky but potentially profitable import venture on the horizon. If only they could acquire speedy financing and no questions asked.

Enter three young women from Surrey with large dowries but no interest in becoming wives.

The Brides of Belgravia trilogy is set in the 1830s, when all eyes are on the construction of an exclusive new neighborhood–Belgravia–one of London’s most prestigious enclaves of high society. Three brides relocate to this new neighborhood to follow their dreams and start new lives. The gentleman sailors they married have promised to be out of their way–indeed, out of the country–for an undetermined amount of time. The fun begins when, one by one, each man returns to Belgravia to seek a favor of his unsuspecting wife.

Old friends from Henrietta Place will make an appearance, now happily middle-aged, while fresh characters emerge to populate an all new street in London’s posh Belgravia.

For better or worse, I’ve taken on the ambitious task of introducing all six of the trilogy’s lead characters in Book One (as-yet-untitled). I look so forward to sharing these determined, spirited heroines and the hardened lost souls they redeem with you.

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